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We started Hamilton & Weston Holdings in June of 2010 back in Texas. We wanted to develop something that was our own, that had our values and sense of diversity, exploration, possibilities, and fun.  Plus, we thought it was pretty cool to combine our middle names to create a company name.

Our business has three current areas of interest that collide (technology, graphics, and helping others). Our Woolsey Workshop website provides us a place for learning, making, and teaching electronics and software. AW Web Development and Graphic Design generates graphics and websites for those who want help creating something that reflects their company and their vision. And our ExtremeBytes Software division is an application development division for Apple IOS applications.

We may no longer be in Texas, but we continue to develop new ideas and explore new possibilities and we’re doing it together. That’s the best part.

Not sure what to do? Try exploring.

Latest News

Privacy Policy Updated

Updated the company’s Privacy Policy to: Cover Woolsey Workshop as an additional property, Update language that we may use analytics services for our websites, Add language about usage of our services by children, Add language that this Read more…

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